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tt c ommmity 

v Twenty-Fourth ** 

Commencement Exercises 


Friday Evening 

The Thirty-First of May 

Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-One 

Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of Dedicated Service 


Long ago our native people 
Dwelling here upon this land, 
Taught our forebears how to live here, 
Stretching out a helping hand. 

Native people, weary strangers, 
Dwelt together in this place, 
Bravely overcoming hardship, 
Trusting, caring, race with race. 

Massasoit led his people 
Here in Massachusetts Bay, 
Granting peace and trust to strangers, 
Pilgrims who had come to stay. 

We salute you, Massasoit, 
Proudly sharing in your name 
Faith, endurance, peace and knowledge, 
Gifts of strength we now proclaim. 

We will hold aloft our banner, 
Massasoit's green and white, 
Keeping firm our hope and courage, 
Forging paths for human right. 

With endurance, faith for the future, 
Pride where there once was none in sight, 
We share learning with all people, 
Peace and love our guiding light. 

Lyrics written by 
Professor Dorothy Gibbs and Africa Hayes Lambe. 

Order Of Exercises 

Prelude The Massasoit Senior Orchestra 

Choral Selections The Massasoit Choral Ensemble 

*The Academic Procession 

♦"America, The Beautiful" Dr. Gerard F. Burke 

* Invocation Reverend Dennis Michno 

Trinity Episcopal Church, Stoughton 

Welcome Dr. Gerard F. Burke 

President of the College 

Greetings from the Board of Trustees William J. Morse 

Chair, Massasoit Community College Board of Trustees 

Commencement Address The Honorable Charles Flaherty 

Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives 

Charge to the College William J. Morse 

Chair, Massasoit Community College Board of Trustees 

Conferral of Degrees and Certificates 

Presidential Scholars Award Dr. Gerard F. Burke 

President of the College 

Representing the Class of 1991 Mary Ellen F. Buckley 

Student Member, Board of Trustees 

Jane K. Dolan 
President, Student Senate, Brockton Campus 

Donna Lee Gibson 
Chair, Student Senate, Canton Campus 

Greetings from the Alumni Marie A. Collins 

President, Alumni Association 

* Benediction Reverend Dennis Michno 

Trinity Episcopal Church, Stoughton 

*The Recessional 
President's Reception Student Union 


Grand Marshal Dean Marguerite A. Donovan 

Dean of Student Affairs 

Graduates Graduate Marshals 

Mary Ellen F. Buckley Jane K. Dolan Donna Lee Gibson 

Michelle Mclntyre Karin Packard James P. Bent 

Cathleen Anne Flannery Jeanne Marie Govoni Harvey O. Keyes 

Sandra Gail Rheaume-Dugre Richard D. Weeden 

College Faculty and Staff Professor Ronald A.Coehlo, Marshal 

President, Academic Senate 

Alison F. Eldridge, Honorary Marshal 

Platform Party Dr. James P. Yess, Marshal 

Dean of Academic Affairs 

* The audience is requested to stand. 

It is requested that there be no applause and that no photographs 

be taken during the Ceremony. 


Presidential Scholars 

Day Division 

+++Rebecca Leslie Heslin 

Division of Continuing Education 

+++Jo Ann Catherine DeClercq 

Massasoit Community College 
Student Senate 

♦Mary Ellen F. Buckley, Student Member 

Board of Trustees 


••-Jane K. Dolan 

+ Karin Packard 

+ + Jeanne Marie Govoni 

Donna Lee Gibson 

Chair , Student Senate 

Canton Campus 

+ James P. Bent 

+ +Harvey O . Keyes 

Richard D . Weeden 

♦Michelle Mclntyre 

Cathleen Anne Flannery 

♦Sandra Gail Rheaume-Dugr6 

Associate Of Arts 

Liberal Arts 

+ + + Beth Noble Ahlstedt 
Pamela Jean Anctil 
+Scott David Bartholdson 
Valerie Elizabeth Best 
+ + Dana Thomas Buckner 
Christine Claire Cameron 
MarianneS. Carrabino 
+ + + Mary-Jane Castiglia 
+ + Marie Louise Dennehy 
Traci Jean Earl 
Michael J. Emery 
♦Theresa Lynn Forte 
Jennifer L. Frizzell 
Lance John Gangemi 
♦ Patricia A. Glidden 

Erica Kristin Haskins 
Jeffrey Daniel Heather 
Kevin R. Jenkins 
Scott Andrew Kehoe 

+Kellie Ann Lucey 
Jennifer Claire Iola Mahoney 
Jennifer Ann McAteer 
Kelly Marie McCaffrey 
Cheryl L. McMillan 
Susan Lynee Nestor 

+ David Wayne Patrick 
Lauren Ann Pearson 
Brian Louis Phillips 
Amy Elizabeth Sacchetti 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Associate In Science 

Business Administration 

+ Richard Abany 
Richard Joseph Aguiar 

+ Karen K. Amlee 
MaryEllen Andrews 
Sherry A . Atkins 
Bonnie Marie Barcella 
Fernando Barriga 
Sandra Bazile 

+ Eric Paul Beaudette 
Jeanne M . Beliveau 
+ + Ellen Maria Belur-Mullaley 
Jeff Benevides 
Elaine P. Boettcher 
Robert W . Boutilier 
Ann Christine Brady 

+Justine Marie Braga 
+ + Wayne Bresnahan 

+Katherine F. Brown 
Robert L. Burke 
Daniel S. Buskey 

+ Donna M. Cadose 
Steven R. Calitri 
+ + Jennifer Ann Called 
+ + + Judith Elaine Carey 

+ Ellen Cassidy 
Kelley Anne Cataldo 

♦ Margaret A. Chadwick 
Michael Robert Christian 

+ + DeniseO. Cicierega 

Alan C. Clang 

Laura Anne Cogliano 

Lee A . Coughlin 

Jacqueline Yvette Cowans 
+ Elizabeth A. Crabbe 
+ +June Ellen Crafts 

Barbara Ann Crean 
+ Laura Ann Creonte 

Kerry Marie Crowley 

♦ Michelle Marie Crowley 
Elinor B. Cumming 
Costanzo Antonio Cutone 
Michele Robin Davis 
Gina M . DeBerardinis 
Lois M . Del Pozzo 
Stacev S. Denton 

John J . Dockray 
Linda P. Doherty 
James F . Doll 
Charles J . Duncan Jr . 
Margaret R . Durso 

+Cecilia M . Eagen 
Jill Opal Edwards 
+ ++ Viola May Ehrstein 
+ +Charlotte Spencer Elder 
Lesley E. Ellsworth 
Shannon L. Esposito 
Karin Marie Farrell 
Larry Fayer 
Jodi Ann Ferrini 

+Rosa G. Finiello 
Lisa Jean Fowler 
Aaron David Fox 
++ Pamela Ann Fredette 
Theresa Marie Frisoli 
Robert A . Fryar 
Dino A . Funari 
Celine Anne Furlong 

+Luann Marie Gecewicz 
Antonette Giampa 
Suzanne Gilbert 
Laura J . Gillis 

+Sally A . Goodwin 

+ Karen Elizabeth Gray 
Edward Leo Green 

+Thomas Paul Greene 
Mark Guttenberger 
Frances A . Haas 
Albert F. Haddad Jr. 
Eileen Mary Hagerty 
Scott R . Hamel 

+Gail G. Hanafin 
William J . Hartford 

+ James J. Hartman Jr. 
Yudoria B. Hicks 
Beth A . Hinchliffe 
Patrick M . Hines 
Derek S . Hocking 

+Susan L. Hogan 
+ +Brian Howell 
Vicki L. Ikasalo 

+ +High Honors 
+ +Highest Honors 

+ Denise Carol Imlay 
+Sarah Michelle Ionta 

Mildred A. Jackson 

John M. Jones 
+ Daniel J. Josselyn 

April-Marie Kendrigan 
♦Howard Knight 
++LindaM. Kostigen-Mullen 

Cherell Marie Kuschel 

John Joseph Lacaillade 

Karen Jean Lacey 
+ + AnnT. LaChapelle 

Deborah A . LaRose 

Lynne Ann Levine 

Gail F. Lewis 
+ + Wanna Chen Li 

Holly Lin 
+ + +JeaneY. Lincoln 
+ Judith A. Lofstrom 

Brenda M . Loftus 
++ Elaine D. Lowden 
+ James F. MacDonald 

Patrick G . MacFarlane 

Brian D. Maclver 
♦Catherine Eiise Maher 

Colleen Denise Mahoney 
+ + + Valerie A. Maloney 

Kenneth I). Manchester 

Mary E. Mancuso 

Kellie Jeanne Mangan 

Daniel Joseph Mann 
-•-Terry A. Martin 
+ Lynne Marie Maturo 

Richard A . Mazzaferro 

Sean P. McAfee 

Megan Louise McCarthy 
+ + + Lynne Louise McCarthy 

Heidi D. McClain 
+ + Diane L. McDonald 

John Joseph McDonough 

Andrew J. McGuinness 
+Glenn M. Mclnnis 

Beth Ann McKay 

Diane Christine McLaughlin 
+Alva William McPherson 

Lisa Kathleen Medlin 
+ Valentino T. MendozaJr. 

Kathleen Mary Merrick 

Henry Francis Miller 

Kellv Ann Mitchell 

+ + Mary Margaret Morrill 
+ Loretta Anne Moses 

Joseph Thomas Mullen 
+ Betty Nevens Munies 

Keith M. Murray 

Martha Celine Murphy 

Cynthia M . Myers 

Jean C . Nardozzi 

Lori A . Nason 

Kevin P. Nelson 

Dana A. Nessen 

Peter Nestelberger 

Robert T . Newman 

Marcia A . Niccoli 
+ Helen A . O'Brien 

Kimberly Ann O'Brien 

Cristelita Batoon Oclarino 

Robert J . Oliver 

Helene Terese Owen 

Stavroula Panagoulopoulos 

Danyielle B . Peace 
++ Ronald C. Pepi 

James L . Perry 

Lisa Ann Phillips 
+ Penny J. Phillips 
++ Barbara Marie Pierce 

Joy E. Pierce 

Diana M . Pietrantonio 

Carol Ann Pilkington 

Bradford James Plausse 

Brian Kenneth Quigley 
+Steven Wade Ramsdell Sr. 

Kenneth E. Reid 
+ + + MaryS. Richardson 
+ + + Lillian Ruth Rojas 

Richard D. Roberts 

Leah Marie Rosen 
+ Joyce E. Ryan 

Steven Thomas Sadler 
+ Michelle Elizabeth Sansoucie 

Vera P. Santos 
+ Susan E. Seaver 

Sun Yim Shin 

Susan J. Silva 

David Lane Slayter 

Glen David Smith 
+ + Joseph A. Spinella 

Anne Marie Splane 

Derek Anderson Squires 

Victor Hepburn Staniforth 

+ +High Honors 
+ + ^Highest Honors 

+ + + Carole. A. Stoehr 

James A. Stuart 
-♦-Kevin J. Sullivan 
++ Helen M. Terrio 

Claire Marie Tessier 
4-4-Denise A. Tetreault 

Lynn Anne Thomas 

Gary Thompson 

Robert F . Thompson 
+ Michael Joseph Tierney 

Kimberly Anne Tintle 

William P. Tramontana 
+ Jo- Ann Lee Travers 
4-Sharon Buker Tully 

Annie Turner 
4- John Francis Valentine 

Michael Varao 

Carl Arthur Verderber Jr 

+David B. Vinton 
-♦-Laurie Wagner 
David J. Wallace Jr. 
Susan Lee Walsh 
Barbara L. Ward 
4-Mark Robert Weiner 
++ Brian Edward Weir 
Douglas A . Welsh 
Pamela White 
Lisa Ann Whitman 
Francis A . Whittaker 
4-4-Debra J. Willard 
++LisaM. Williams 
Marc S. Willis 
William S. Wysocki 
Patricia A . Young 
-♦-Susan T. Zimmerman 
•f Brett A. Zorova 

Computer Information Systems 

Marie Lunie Bazile 
-♦--♦-Cecilia L. Byron 

Maria T. Damiani 
4-4-Suzanne H. Delaney 
4-4- + Donald Lewis Driskell 
4-4-Lynn Alison Gracie-Rogers 

Lisa A . Hager 

Laura J . Hill 
4-4-Phu Ngoc Ho 
4-4-Phuoc Ngoc Ho 

Teresa Marie Johanson 
4- 4- Patricia Faye Kamat 

Marsha Denise Knight 
4-4-Michael A. Langfield 
4- Barbara Ann Lozanski 
Kenneth Scott Merrill 
4-4-Stephanie Olbrych 
4-Gail M . Romasco 
Veronica Stalling 
4-4-4-Silvina M. Zarate 

Culinary Arts 

James Patrick Cady 
Jennifer Elizabeth Carter 
Daniel Patrick Casey 
Stephen J . Correia 
+ Timothy George Jansen 

Michael E. Linehan 
Mark R. Miniutti 
4- Joanne B. Olsen 
James M . Previti 

+ 4-High Honors 
4-4-4-Highest Honors 

Engineering Technology 

Neil S . Adams 
Jean Prosper Erick Bastien 
Philippe Bazile 
+ ♦ Barbara F. Came vale 
Patrick W . Crozier 

♦ Robert Walter Doherty 
Brian David Fraser 

♦ Richard W. Harrison Jr. 
♦Charles Edouard Gregory Hilaire 

John F. Hoffman 
+ + Brian Michael Kalfin 

Eugene L . Loranger 

Anna Yvette Louis 
+ Robert P. Lucas 

Thomas M . Perry 
+ +Scot K. Peterson 

+Carlos A. Pires 
♦ ♦Philip Edward Rose 

Dennis Gordon Ryan 
♦Robert Sylvia 

Stephen Lawrence Weldon 
♦ Kenneth A. Winitzer 

Fire Science Technology 

+Scott G . Breen 
Lawrence Paul Gorman Jr. 
Christopher J . Martin 

Richard Joseph McCarthy 
Dennis James Miquel 

Human Services 

♦ Audrey Lynn Abney 
+ Brian Edward Bartlett 

+ ♦♦ Joanne Bell Blondin 
Barbara Dnscoll Brems 
♦Stephanie Byron 
♦Cynthia Ellen Chase 
Allison Louise Clougherty 
JoAnn Coronella 
Annmarie Doherty 

♦ Diana F. Drake 
Michael Lydon Feeney 
Kimberly Galluzzo 

♦ Michelle Gardina 
♦Siobhan M . Geraghty 

♦ ♦♦Carol A. Glinski 

Patricia Ann Gouveia 
♦Sandra Jones 

♦ Barbara Ann Joyce 

♦ Ruth Mary MacLeod 
Cheryl Lee O'Hara 
Ellen Mary Perrault 
Theresa Lynn Phillips 
Donald Arthur Pratt 
Helen Satin 

♦ David Henry Smith 
Angel I . Spotts 
RuthE. Wise 


♦ ♦High Honors 

♦ ♦Highest Honors 

Law Enforcement 

Samantha A . Avery 

Deborah Ann Batista 

Frederick E. Bolton 
+ +DebraL. Brooks 
+ Michael Joseph Clifford 

Stacey Lynn Corr 

Sharon Lee Costa 

Richard Anthony DeChellis 

Michael D. Fox 

Timothy E. Frates 
+ + Joseph Robert Graham 
♦Elizabeth Ellen Hartshorn 

Roger Stephen Hedges 
+ Robert Preston Hey wood Jr. 
+Jack Joseph Izzo 

Leo J . Lane 

Gerald Dennis Larsen 

James Francis Leahy 

Michael P. MacKinnon 

Sandra Renee Mascary 

Venessa Ann McCarthy 

Shawn Robert McKay 

Brendan Michael McLaughlin 
++Michael Steven Merola 

Arthur F. Newhook Jr. 

Scott Joseph Perkins 

Jeffrey A . Pizzi 

Donald R . Reardon 

Joseph L . Reilly 

Daniel Francis Schlecht Jr . 
+Steven C. Simmons 
+ Diane Marie Skoog 

Albert G . Smith 

Alfred L . Smith 

Chris Edward Sparda 

Adam F. Thornton 

Shervl Ann Tuttle 

Liberal Arts 

+ Robyn Leigh Agnew 

Steve L . Anderson 

Kimberly Ann Ballard 

Julie Banchick 
+ Vanda Maria Rodrigues Teixeira 
+ + Dona M . Barnes 
+Lorrin Michelle Barnes 

Jeanne Marie Barry 
+ +Ginalaurisa Ann Bartlett 
+ + Linda M. Bauer 
+Eric T. Bernard 
+ Katrina Ann Bonner 

Karie Lynn Bossa 

Walter F. Brennan 

Abedillia M. Campbell-Uva 

Christopher Bernard Carney 

Barbara H . Cash 

Steven Nicholas Celia 

Joann Christine Chesnul 

George Chin 

Susan Mary Clawson 

Jennifer A . Coe 

+George A . Collins 
Doreen Marie Compagnone 
Maureen Helen Connolly 
Warren A . Copp 
Christine Marie Corrigan 
Joseph P . Cotter 
Elizabeth Craffey 
Hugh Craig 
Maureen A . Cram 
+ + +Paula Marie Cummings 
Shawn A. Curran 
Nancy J . Dacey 
Andrew P. Dalton 
James P . D'Angelo 
Frank Stanley Dangora II 
Jeanne M . Dawber 
Kathleen Jean DiRosario 
Philip J . Doherty 
John A . Dorothy 
Cassandra Ruth Doten 
Joseph S . Dubie 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Jennifer Marie Dunbar 
Lisa M . Eisner 
Erik Charles Engren 
+ + + David Linwood Esancy 

♦Charles William Flynn 

+ Regina Anne Flynn 
Erin Marie Furey 
Laura Christine Gear 
Edward J. Goguen Jr. 
Christopher J . Golden 
Paul Golden 
Matthew David Goltz 
Sean M . Gormley 
Karen Ann Goss 
Deena L . Goulston 
Marc J . Grab 
Scott P. Grandy 

♦Shannon J. Guillory 
Eric R . Hamel 
Lori E. Hamilton 

♦Lisa L. Hanson 

+ Mark A. Hardy 
Gina M . Hayes 
MaryEllen A. Heffernan 
Lisa M . Henderson 
Pao Peter Her 

+Eric Thomas Hetrick 
John M . Hill 
David Peter Hunter 
Kevin Michael Hurley 
Jennifer Ann Hussey 
George Kevin Hynes 
+ + Dolores Jean Hytha 
+ + Debra L. I to 

Jeanne Collette Jeffery 
Alfred Brant Johnson 
Sally J . Johnson 
Kathleen M . Kelly 
Cheryl Lynne Knox 
Darlene E . Koestner 

♦Shawn V. Konary 
Daniel Jordan Kuenzel 
Maria A. Ladeira 
Kenneth William Laidlaw 
David Allen Lambert 

+ + + Janice Irene Latham 
++ Dennis LaVersa 
+Joyce Meredith Leander 

Jennifer Marie Leanues 

Robin Marie Levangie 
++Dean Robert Lindstrom 

Cheryl Marie Lotson 

Jennifer Ann Macrina 

Deborah Ann Marchesiani 
+Heidi Ellen McArdle 
++ Patricia Ann McCaffrey 

Michele Denise McCauley 

Gary C . McKee 
♦Daniel Gerald McKenna 

Sharon A . McKinley 

Joseph A . Medas 

David P. Mendes 
++ Annie Marie Mercier 

Philip M. Meskinis 
++Eileen Margaret Monahan 
++ Portia Kane Montanez 

Karen Elizabeth Mooney 
+Tracy Elizabeth Moore 
+ Albert W. Morris 

Alan K . Muehlberger 

George Cabot Mulford 

Daniel I. F. Mullin 

Kara Anne Murphy 

John C. Newburn 

Mei Fun Ng 

James K . Noble 
+Gary Andrew Nye 

Brooke Catherine O'Meara 
+ Julie C. Parker 
+ + Janet Pauline Pelletier 

Lynnette A . Pereira 

Christopher M . Petti 

Robert L. Philpot 

Joseph M . Picanzi 
+ Robert Edward Pitts 

Stephen William Prisco 

DebraS. Read 

Kelly Ann Reha 

Dianne Marie Rinaldi 

Roy A. Rohlfing 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Derek Paul Ruzycki 
+ + Erin K. Serpa 
+ +CarolineL. Settino 
Kathleen Anne Shea 
John J. Sheehan Jr. 
Kerrin M . Skinner 
Joanne Carol Sousa 
Julie Anne Spicely 
Shannon M . Spillane 
Michele Denise Stroud 
Leah M . Susi 
Dianne Marie Sweeney 
Kimberly Ann Tagger 
Vincent J . Talarico 
Jennifer Anne Tavlor 

Donald Joseph Teague 
Jennifer D . Terry 
Holly Catherine Thistle 

+ Brian P. Toland 

♦Christine Marie Tracey 
David VanDermolen 
Anthony Charles Vitale 
Tara Louise Wakefield 
Mary Lynne Wallace 
Brian M. Walsh 
Jessica Jean Ward 
Susan Marie Wellman 
Thomas John Whalen 

+ Jonathan F. Woodworth 

Nursing Education 

Rosanne I . Abramson 
+ Roberta Ruth Barnes 
+ Paula F. Barsanti 
+ Deborah Ann Basile 
Marianne Allaire Bennett 
Roberta Jean Berry 
Patricia L. Bonner 
Colleen Marie Brennan 
Loretta E . Brockelbank 
Laura J . Bustamante 
Brian S. Cantwell 
Joann M . Caron 
Elizabeth Carvell 
♦Alice Marie Connerty 
Violet A. Culbert 
+ + + Janet L. Dauphinais 
Lisa Durant 
Mary Faria 

Donna L. Farquharson 
♦Michael A. Fichera 
Pamela Sue Flaherty 
Nan Gallagher 
++Arlene M. Gallo 
+ Patricia-Ann Gill 
♦ Kathleen Smith Grant 
Bonnie Lou Greene 
Christine Charlotte Jones 
♦Hilda Marina Key 
Olivia Koufos 
Carol A . Langlois 
+ Kathleen M. LaPierre 
+ Diane D. LaRoccco 
Gael Mahonev Learv 

Elizabeth Ann Lievi 
+ ++Susan Palmer Littlefield 
++Renee Marie Lovell 
♦Patricia J . Lundrigan 
Roberta Ann MacLeod 
+Roxann Beth Mazzoleni 
+ +Caryn Elaine McCormack 

Robin L . McGarry 
++ Marianne McShane 

Joanne Elizabeth Murphy 
Barbara L. Neill 
♦Marilyn J. Nelson 
+Kristin P. Nolan 
+ ++JohnH. O'Hara 

Kathleen Ann Payne 
Penni A . Peterson 
Margarette Pierre-Louis 
+Jeanne Susan Poirier 
Alice Anne Pollack 
++ Patrice Ricci 
Teresa M . Sansone 
Sharyn L. Schum 
+ + Janice Louise Sears 
Rada Spaic 
Denise Marie Sparda 
♦Elizabeth Jane Sparks 
+Suzanne M . Tamoosh 
Audrey P. Thatcher 
Thomas G . Tolson 
++Mary Elizabeth Waldon 
Geraldine Elida Wallace 
Lori-Ann Ward 
Patricia Ann Wilkie-Barrett 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Office Administration 

Valerie Jean Belcher 
Lisa Beltramini 
Donna Renee Boucher 
Denise Lynn Caffrey 
Shealagh M . Carey 
Christine Marie Cedrone 
Linda A . Chapman 
+ + +MelindaC. Damon 
Tina Marie D'Arrigo 
Karyn A . DeCampo 
Jill M. Dooley 
Susan A . Dwelley 
Doreen Lee Elsemiller 
Theresa Ann Fallon 
Julieanne M. Foley 
Shari Jill Hurvitz 
Cassandra Lvnn James 

Kristine M . Johnson 

Theodora Karanikola 

Thomascyne L . King 

Angela Lincoln 

Kimberly A. MacDonald 

Darlene J . Miller 

Cynthia M . Pease 

Michele Lee Pitts 
+ Ellen M. Quartarone 

Pamela Jean Reams 
+Kelly Jean Rosa 

Dagmar Soule 

Kimberly J . Thomas 

Carmen J . Torres 

Colleen Tver 

Rachel Rose Wilson 

Radiologic Technology 

+ +John Francis Boudreau 
+ +Cheryl A . Burke 
Karen K . Burke 
+ Kathy Marie Camacho 
Denise Patricia Cronin 
+ + + Jeanne L. Cusson 

Michelle Marie Dooley 
Karen Ann Dzialo 
+ Mary Catherine Ellis 
Cheryl A . Gagnon 
+ + +Karyn A. Glover 
+ Marcia Ruth Kennev 

+Clare Marie Lynch 
+Cynthia Mary Martin 
+J . Daniel Martin 
+ + Patricia Ellen McKeown 
+ +Mary Jane Paasche 
+ + + Nancy Richmond 
+ Pamela M. Ross 
+ + Janice Dalton Sloane 
+ Donna Marie Stier 
+ + +Susan Catherine Sullivan 
♦Sherry Lyn Weatherbee 
Roberta Melissa Whittall 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Respiratory Care 

Jeanne Marie Beck with 
Janet Gloria Caffelle 
Darlene Marie Cantwell 
+ + Jeffrey M. Curran 
Tracey Elaine Fierra 
Joseph A . Higgins 
Jeanne Carol Marchioni 

+ + +Ellen Jennie McArdell 
+ MarkS. Mitchell 
Carrie Louise Newman 
Janice M . O'Donnell 
+Lisa Marie Procaccini 
Shawn Michael Richards 

Associate In Applied Science 

Advertising , Art & Design 

Holly Ellen Agnew 

Paula Anne Austin 
+ + Kevin W . Bergen 

Brian Paul Cassidy 

Lynne A . Cianci 
+ Linda J . Clancy 

Gregory Scott Clifford 

DeniseM. Cormier-Small 

Matthew F. Dunn 

Linda J . Edwards 

Sharon Ferretti 
+ + Michael J. Gilbert 

Scott T . Happeny 
Annette Marie Hatfield 
+ Brian James Lessard 
Steven J. Longa 
Derek Joseph Meleo 
+ + Karen T. Michetti 
Michael Montagna 
Kurt Edward Mossman 
Karen M . Robinson 
Robert Harlow Stride 
Danh T. Tran 

Architectural Technology 

Joanne L. Burton 
+ Robert M. Currie 

Gary M . Fennessey 
♦ Patrick Michael Finn 

Peter Patrick James Gaynor Jr. 
+ + Marie Austa Guerrier 
+ Edward Nathan Jones 

Steven M . McGrath 

Timothy Paul Musto 
+Mark Edwin Perkins 

Rodney Daphnis Romulus 
+ Dennis James Swart 

Thomas E . Warchal 
♦Michael John White 

+ +High Honors 
+ + + Highest Honors 

Civil-Structural Technology 

George Robert Collins 
Paul J . Duarte 
Timothy Cornel Farcas 
+ +ThomasD. Foley 
Stephen E. Lyman 
+ Paul F. Messina 

+Mark A. Picchi 
Scott M . Powell 
William J. Pugliese 
+ + + Russell Edward Tierney 
Michael Anthonv Varraso 

Diesel Technology 

+ Todd Christopher Barboza 

Paul A . Cafasso 
+ James I). Ducharme 

Mark Vincent Gerbrands 
Joseph Vincent Nadworny 
Eric S. Nvlander 

Heating , Ventilating & Air Conditioning 


Todd M. Baker 
+ James P. Bent 

William Paul Cardinal 
+ Edward Joseph Geswell 111 
+ I)enk Carl Larson 

Dean T. Mueller 

William L. Niekerson 

Thomas M . Park 
Glen A. Riley 
Jason R . Soncrant 
Robert Charles Thistle 
Peter H . Walat 
Wm . Fred Williamson 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 


Dental Assistant 

Lisa A . Costa 
+ +Gloria A. Cusick 
+ +JoanneM. Dealy 

Laura J . Duffey 

Laura L . Giddings 
+ + Linda Ann Gordon 

Nancy Lee Haveron 
+ Karen Lauzon 

Stacey Lorraine Lincoln 
Lori Jean MacDougall 
Sheryl Ann McGrath 

+Ann M. O'Connor 
Eleanor J . Robinson 
Laura Beth Rosati 
Brenda Cathrine Steen 

+ Margaret A. Sybertz 

Medical Assistant 

+ Kathy-Ann Brown 

Mary L. Dosenberg 

Linda Jean Finlayson 

Lisa Ann Frechette 
++ Peggy M. Geaney 

Brenda M. Glennon 

Marprie Jane Kehoe-Cawley 
+ KristenM. Kraemer 
+Julie Dawn Liberman 

+SusanM. O'Meara 
Pamela Marie Perrault 
Marie Judith Pierre 

+ Melissa Randall 
+ ++Patricia W. Schutt 
Anita Jean Sethares 

♦Cheryl Anne Swartz 

+Clara Ines Vergara 

Office Technology 

Karen Beaton 
Nancy A. Bechet 
♦Jennifer Belanger 
Valerie Jean Belcher 
Lisa Beltramini 
Donna Renee Boucher 
Denise Lynn Caffrey 
Shealagh M . Carey 
Linda A . Chapman 
Elizabeth A . Chartier 
Deborah J . Cullinane 
Tina Marie D'Arrigo 

Karyn A . DeCampo 
Jill M . Dooley 
Lorraine J . Dowd 

+ Kelly D. Duffy 
Doreen Lee Elsemiller 
Katherine J . Enos 
Theresa Ann Fallon 

+ Diane L. Figueiredo 
Julieanne M . Foley 
++Ethelynne E. Goransson 
Mary N . Hinko 
Shari Jill Hurvitz 

+ +High Honors 
+ ++ Highest Honors 

Kimberly A. Hynes 
Cassandra Lynn James 
Kristine M . Johnson 
Thomascyne L . King 
Michelle L. Knochel 
Angela Lincoln 
Sandra J . Luther 
Kimberly A . MacDonald 
Darlene J . Miller 

Pamela Jean Reams 
♦Christine A . Ricci 
+ Kelly Jean Rosa 
Maryanne Shields 
Kimberly J . Thomas 
+ + + Donna G . Tibbetts 
Diane Karen Vincent 
Cassandra L . Whiting 
Rachel Rose Wilson 

Child Care Education 

Deborah S . Appleby 
Sally J . Chase 
Cheryl Cobb 
Ann Fortin 

Kimberly Marie Gaston 
Ann T . Hogan 
Tara Jean Macaulay 
John P. McNamara 
Laura M . Medeiros 

April Metrick 
Aimee Packer 
Nicole J . Ross 
Lynne A . Rossi 
Terrilee Seelye 
Kimberly M. Shubert 
Kelly M . Sweeney 
Kimberly R. Sweeney 
Jacqueline L. Tracey 

Travel and Tourism 

Eileen M . Batista 
Phyllis L. Carpenter 
Lisa M . Cogliano 
Kimberly J . Cote 
Phyllis A . Degrazia 
Peggy J . Diaz 
Susan R . Emerson 
Yvctte K . Enokian 

Gabard Etienne 
Anna M. Gately 
Theresa F. Kane 
Christine M . McLaughlin 
Lynne A . Neville 
Gregory J . Parker 
Linda M . Stearns 
Patricia Stoddard 

+ +High Honors 
+ + +Highest Honors 

Commonwealth Of Massachusetts 
Board Of Regents 

Higher Education 

Paul E. Tsongas, Chairman 


Ronald M. Alman 


Ellen C . Guiney 


Hortensia De Los Angeles Amaro, Ph.D 


Kathleen Harrington, R.S.M 

Fall River 

Mary Lou Anderson 


Arnold S . Hiatt 


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Robert K. Coughlin 

Buzzards Bay 

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Arthur Gelb, Sc.D 


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Augustus A. White III, M.D 


Massasoit Community College 
Board Of Trustees 

William J. Morse, Chair 

East on 

Richard E. Frye, Vice Chair 


Jeanne Callahan 


Nancy Smith, Secretary 


James Joubcrt 


Catherine Cary, Assistant Secretary 


Mary Jane Shields 


Francesca Berry 

South East on 

James S. Slattery 

Mary Ellen F. Buckley 


Janet Walker 
Marsh field 


The academic procession is one of the oldest traditions of colleges throughout 
the world. In medieval times the ordinary dress of the university scholar, whether 
student or teacher, was the dress of the cleric including a long gown, and often in 
cold weather a cloak with a hood which could be pulled up over the head for cover 
and protection. 

Although fashions have changed since the 16th century, scholars of the post- 
medieval period have retained the academic attire. Eventually the attire was 
prescribed by university statutes to distinguish the different faculties and degrees-of- 
learning. The associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral gowns differ stylistically in 
cut and decorative motif. 

The colorful hoods, which indicate fields of learning and the institutions con- 
ferring the degree, were originally worn over the head, but during the 16th century, 
caps were adopted and the hood was draped over the shoulder. 

A long tassel is attached to the middle point of the top of the cap, to drape over 
the left edge of the mortar board. The tassel may be black, gold, or the color appro- 
priate to the academic field or level of achievement. 

An Intercollegiate Code has been adopted to represent the different departments 
of learning and has set forth the standards for academic dress in the United States. 
The hoods are lined with the official colors of the college from which the wearer 
received his or her highest degree, while the collar of the hood denotes the academic 
subject area in which the wearer maj^ed. These colors are assigned according to the 
following scheme : 

Agriculture Maize 

Arts, Letters & Humanities White 

Business Administration Drab 

Dentistry Lilac 

Economics Copper 

Education Light Blue 

Engineering Orange 

Fine Arts Brown 

Forestry Russet 

Home Economics Maroon 

Journalism Crimson 

Law Purple 

Library Science Lemon 

Medicine Green 

Music Pink 

Nursing Apricot 

Oratory (Speech) Silver Gray 

Pharmacy Olive Green 

Philosophy Dark Blue 

Physical Education Sage Green 

Public Administration ...Peacock Blue 

Public Health Salmon Pink 

Science Gold- Yellow 

Social Science Citron 

Theology or Divinity Scarlet 

Veterinary Science Gray 


Katherine Lee Bates, Samuel A. Ward 

O beautiful for spacious skies. 
For amber waves of grain, 
For purple mountain majesties 
Above the fruited plain. 


America! America! 

God shed His grace on thee, 

And crown thy good with brotherhood 

From sea to shining sea. 

O beautiful for patriot dream 
That sees beyond the years, 
Thine alabaster cities gleam 
Undimmed by human tears. 


America! America! 

God shed His grace on thee, 

And crown thy good with brotherhood 

From sea to shining sea.